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hemical reactions in which the body's▓ cells metabolise glucose for energy.There occurs a complex▓ and intricate process in which pyruvic acid, g▓lucose, amino acids and the end product of fats ▓are oxidised a▓nd converted ▓into adenosine ▓5 - otherwise know▓n as triphosphate, ▓or ATP. This is▓ the form of energy that powers most of the bodily functions. Some foods work especially well together and it is in these combinations that we can really

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make what ▓we eat work so much ▓more effective▓ly for us.Nutrition is often full of negative mess▓ages, and the posit▓ive approa▓ch of Supereat

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ing is a refreshing change. The traditional▓ message of eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, essential fats, ▓fibre

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and water still st▓ands.However, i▓t seems like a nat▓ural progressio▓n to ask if some fruit o▓r vegetables are more effective than others

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and as we eat foods in combinations then ▓how do those foods and the nutrients they contain interact? For example, if you eat cashew nut

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s, then you could maximise your uptake of Vitamin K by eating them with▓ a probiotic food. This could mean having mi▓so soup alongsi▓de you

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r chicke▓n and cashew nuts or▓ a spoonful of plai▓n yogurt if yo▓u were having nuts as a snack.Nutrien▓ts and their rolePROBIOTICS help the c

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s from ot▓her foods but also make a small am▓ount themselves. The▓y also help release magnesium from fo▓od. Foods to go fo▓r: Sauerkr▓aut, yogur▓t and miso. Other foods containing probi▓otics includ▓e tomatoes, onion▓s, garlic and bananas for the oligo▓saccharides, or simple sugars.Macao people's ▓food and beverage is mad▓e up of Chinese cuisine and fo▓reign dish, among them, the Chi

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